Future Healthcare CAREERS - Company Message
Where is the school located?
Future Healthcare Careers moved to a larger location to serve students better. 

16176 Middlebelt Road
Livonia,MI 48152
How much is the CNA course?
The CNA course is $399. We are offering discount rates of to individuals who want to learn a new career. We have lowered our price to $399.

Criminal Background check is required. ICHAT 
Why is the program so cheap?
We are working health professionals that want to introduce nursing and the healthcare field to others. We are aware of the economy and funds needed for school .
The course is real and we want to help people learn more about helping others in the medical field.
Do you have payment plans or financing options?
Yes! Students can register for the course and pay within 6 months using Paypal. Students will register for course and pay payments to Paypal . No fees or interests when paid within 6 months.
We provide payment plans. $200 for deposit and remaining amount due prior to clinical rotation
How long is the course?
Michigan Nurse Aide requires 75 hours of hands on training.(lecture,hands-on practice,clinical rotation) This course is 2-3 weeks with clinical rotation.
Clinical Rotations 
Clinical rotations are held at nursing homes. We have a variety of nursing homes that students will learn and practice nursing assistant skills. Students are require to attend.
Flexible Schedule
We have open lab hours,weekend classes, and online learning.
Students can take 2 day courses, 2 week courses,etc.
Is this course approved ?
 Yes!! We are certified and license in Michigan to prepare and provide CNA course. Our instructors are registered nurses and Train-The-Trainer certified.
How do you register? 
Register for course on our website . Limited amount of seating( 8 seats).

Students can be purchased used or new textbooks on Ebay or amazon.

Students have the options to rent textbooks .
Our  services gives everyone the opportunity to take advantage of discounted rates on first come;first serve.