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Nursing Career Academy

Nursing Career Academy provides healthcare career awareness to middle and high school students. Nurse Camp promotes nursing as a career for disadvantage,under privileged, and all students who wish to become a nurse.Our vision is to promote nursing and encourage students to learn about the different nursing specialties in nursing.

NCA promotes other healthcare careers. Students interested in becoming a pharmacists are eligible to attend our pharmacy camp.

Students have the opportunity to explore nursing through different programs offered: Nurse Camp,Shadow a Nurse, Saturday Healthcare Series and Nursing Career Academy.

Nurse Camp 

Nurse Camp explores nursing profession. Students learn nursing career with hands-on skills lab,observations,presentations and demonstrations. Students will learn:

  • CPR Training/First Aid

  • Practice with manikins ( bandaging,wound care,etc)

  • Preparing medications/injections

  • Starting IV and Hanging IV bags

  • Taking vitals signs

  • Electronic Medical Records and Charts

  • Observe nurses in action (role of a nurse)

  • Hospital Tours/Observation Experience

  • Student Nurse Observation

This 4 Day camp is offered twice in June and July. Application deadlines are July 2019. Acceptance to nurse camp includes complete application,Teacher/Counselor recommendation , and camp funds of $199 due.

Shadow a Nurse

Students can explore nursing through shadow a nurse program. Students review the role of a nurse through presentations and observation.

Students have the opportunity to follow or shadow a nurse for the day. Students observe nurses in action and get a review of the skills and training needed to become a nurse.Students can observe in a variety of clinical settings:

  • Medical Surgical Unit

  • Emergency Room Department

  • Cardiovascular Units

  • Operating Room

This day program includes presentation and observation experience.The Shadow a Nurse program fee is $65

Saturday Series

Middle and High School students have the opportunity to explore nursing on selected Saturdays throughout the month. Saturdays series gives students an overview of nursing. Students step in the role of nursing and demonstrate skills in a hands-on simulation lab.

Students practice nursing skills:

  • Hand washing Techniques

  • Taking Vital signs

  • Making hospital beds

  • Administering Medication ( simulated medication)Medication carts

  • Medical Record Charting/Electronic charting

Saturday Series program fee is $35

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